List of available themes


Some themes (e.g. all ‘powerline’ themes) require Font Awesome <>__ and a powerline-compatible font (powerline-fonts <>__.


If you want to add your own theme, just drop it into ~/.config/bumblebee-status/themes/

Gruvbox Powerline

Gruvbox Powerline (-t gruvbox-powerline) (contributed by TheEdgeOfRage)

Gruvbox Powerline Light

Gruvbox Powerline Light (-t gruvbox-powerline-light) (contributed by freed00m)

Solarized Powerline

Solarized Powerline (-t solarized-powerline)


Gruvbox (-t gruvbox)

Gruvbox Light

Gruvbox Light (-t gruvbox-light) (contributed by freed00m)


Solarized (-t solarized)


Powerline (-t powerline)

Greyish Powerline

Greyish Powerline (-t greyish-powerline) (contributed by Joshua Bark)


Iceberg (-t iceberg) (contributed by whzup)

Iceberg Powerline

Iceberg Powerline (-t iceberg-powerline) (contributed by whzup)

Iceberg Dark Powerline

Iceberg Dark Powerline (-t iceberg-dark-powerline) (contributed by gkeep)

Iceberg Rainbow

Iceberg Rainbow (-t iceberg-rainbow) (contributed by whzup)

Iceberg Contrast

Iceberg Contrast (-t iceberg-contrast) (contributed by martindoublem)

One Dark Powerline

One Dark Powerline (-t onedark-powerline) (contributed by dillasyx)

Dracula Powerline

Dracula Powerline (-t dracula-powerline) (contributed by xsteadfastx)

Nord Powerline

Nord Powerline (-t nord-powerline) (contributed by uselessthird)

Night Powerline

Night Powerline (-t night-powerline) (contributed by LtPeriwinkle)


Default (nothing or -t default)

Moonlight Powerline

Moonlight Powerline (-t moonlight-powerline) (contributed by Ramon Saraiva)